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NAMEDSPORT - ISOTONIC POWER GEL> Grapefruit-Lemon 60ML含碳水化合物的等滲能量凝膠


Isotonic energy gel with different dextrose equivalent maltodextrins (D.E.6-D.E.19) and Cluster Dextrin® highly branched cyclic dextrins.

When practising any sport for more than 45 minutes, it is necessary to restore carbohydrate levels to maintain high intensity and guarantee the correct level of hydration. At physiological level, an Isotonic Power Gel> is recommended approx. every 30 minutes to prevent muscle glycogen stores falling below the performance threshold.

It is important to know that the energy provided by the sugars will be released a few minutes after ingestion (7-10), while the other carbohydrates will release it gradually. This will avoid very significant fluctuations in energy, and will also reduce the risk of excessively high or frequent insulin peaks, to the benefit of our sports performance and our long-term health.

The mineral salts in this gel help maintain the correct levels of hydration, but we nonetheless recommend the complementary use of HydraFit> during physical activity.

Isotonic Power Gel> in the Cola-Raspberry flavour, not only contains a perfect combination of different types of carbohydrates, but also contains 50 mg of caffeine, the ergogenic effect of which is produced approx. 25 minutes after ingestion and will boost performance.


  • Rapidly absorbed and digestible
  • Recommended for endurance sports and intense and prolonged physical activity
  • Practical packaging, for quick, easy use. Ideal before and during workout
  • To be taken without water


They provide immediate, lasting energy and support rapid muscle recovery.


• High solubility, for quicker, shorter gastric emptying times than for other types of carbohydrates

• Low osmotic concentration, which reduces the gastroenteric side effects often caused by carbohydrate-based supplements

• Rapidly absorbed into the intestine, which has a positive impact on energy performance and rehydration during endurance activities

• Improves the absorption and bioavailability of amino acids in combination with BCAA

  • Acesulfame Free
  • Aspartame Free
  • Fat Free
  • Informed Sport
  • Sugar Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • Slow Release Maltodextrin