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ALTRA – Paradigm 6 緩震路跑鞋 男款


Altra首個有ALTRA運動員參與開發及設計的鞋款。Paradigm 6由ALTRA精英運動、2屆奧運代表Kara goucher參與開發跑鞋的工作。Paradigm 6採用ego max中底,讓跑者既輕而且腳感柔案兼回彈力強,是追求足弓支撐跑者的不二之選。


  • FootShape™寬闊鞋頭設計,提供充足鞋櫳空間,讓腳趾能夠在鞋內自然伸展。
  • Balanced Cushioning™ 平衡緩衝「零落差」設計,鼓勵用家使用自然、低衝擊力的跑姿,減低傷患機會。
  • 頂級EGO Max中底,柔軟緩震及強力回彈兼備。
  • Innerflex網格中底技術,提高跑鞋的靈活性及輕盈度。
  • Guiderail導軌系統,提供並創造足夠而舒適的足弓支撐。
  • Innovarch動態支撐系統,當用家有需要之時就會適時提供足弓支撐。

307 g (男裝)
鞋底厚度: 30 mm


The first Altra shoe inspired by and developed with an Altra athlete. Meet the Paradigm 6, a shoe that is blurring the line between support shoe and everyday trainer. Altra Elite Athlete and two-time Olympian Kara Goucher’s input helped us take this shoe to the next level, adding an Altra EGO™ MAX midsole and slimming down the overall design while maintaining its key support features.


  • Signature FootShape™ comfort gives your feet more space to sit naturally and is designed to address biological differences in men’s and women’s feet.
  • Balanced Cushioning™ platform positions your heel and forefoot at an equal distance from the ground, encouraging better alignment, better form, and a low impact landing.
  • Altra EGO™ Max midsole foam gives you all the light and luxurious performance with a little extra bounce and added durability.
  • INNERFLEX in the midsole are designed to provide flexibility and movement.
  • GuideRail™ acts like a supportive highway guide rail that encourages natural foot placement by providing guidance, but only when it’s needed.
  • innovative arch support feature offers a customized and secure fit while encouraging a natural foot placement in each step.

Weight: 307 g(Mens)
Stack Height:30 mm
Leisure Run for runners need foot arch support

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Black, ORANGE, NAVY, Gray Yellow


US 7.5, US8, US9, US9 .5, US10, US10.5, US11