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Wild Tee – Tank Roger B – Men


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Everyone was convinced that physiologically a man couldn’t do it. But I was studying neurology and I knew that to go beyond the most important organ is the brain.

It was May 6, 1954 and Roger Bannister was preparing to write one of the most important pages in the history of running: he was the first man to run the mile in less than 4 minutes. Roger knew that limit was only in people’s brains. Wearing his tank top on that rainy morning of May 6, he ran the fastest 3 minutes and 59 seconds ever run so far. Wild Tee he decided to pay homage that day with a tank top reminiscent of the same one used by Roger on the day of the record.

Technical tank top, light and breathable. Made of silk-soft Micromesh fabric. Ideal for a ride on the track or a Rock concert.

95 g.
Washing instructions
Wild Tee products are made to last, the care is very simple: wash inside out, in the washing machine, with a program for sportswear, without softener, maximum 40 ° C, dry in the air.

100% PES printed in total sublimation. 100% recyclable.



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