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Solestar – Neutral Run


The unique NEUTRAL RUN insoles keep your foot stable on any terrain. Focus your power where you want it to go. Maximize your performance.

When running, the foot is permanently stressed and this in a particularly varied manner. The fast and constantly changing loads demand stabilizing muscles, which can lead to fatigue and overload. The NEUTRAL RUN insoles relieve the muscles and ensure perfect support for mid and long distance runners as well as triathlon and ultra distances.


Size selection: Insoles are chosen according to your running shoe size and can be trimmed in length for perfect fit.

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Symptoms & Effects

+ Works with any foot type
e.g. flat, splay or hollow feet

+ Avoid injuries and increase athletic performance

+ Relieve and prevent pain
e.g. heel spur, hallux, but also knee and back pain

+ Compensate leg position
e.g. bow legs or knock-knees, and leg length differences

Neutral Position Explained

For every foot, the neutral position is the ergonomically best and most efficient position, especially when the foot is subjected to the stresses of running. Regardless of individual foot type, the patented design of the SOLESTAR NEUTRAL RUN insole stabilizes the foot in the correct position. The stabilizing core of the insole ensures that the foot remains in a neutral position, helping to protect muscles and joints from overuse. Whether on asphalt or on the trail, the running experience is made much more pleasant by the insole. At the same time, the increased stability relieves the muscles and noticeably improves the runner’s performance.



XXS-35/36: 23.1cm
XS-37/38: 24.4cm
S-39/40: 25.8cm
M-41/42: 27.1cm
L-43/44: 28.5cm
XL-45/46: 30.1cm
XXL-47/48: 31.7cm

Concept & Production

Developed and designed in Germany, featuring a unique stabilization shell.

SOLESTAR insoles are special both in their design and manufacture. They work better and last longer than many other insoles on the market.

The unique advantage of SOLESTAR insoles is that they hold the foot in the optimal Neutral Position. This brings more comfort , control and allows to transmit power in the most effective way.



XS-37/38: 24.4cm, S-39/40: 25.8cm, M-41/42: 27.1cm, L-43/44: 28.5cm, XL-45/46: 30.1cm