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NMES – Myofascial Massager 微電流肌筋膜刀 [一年有壞一換一]


由運動專家「悅跑士多」誠意推薦的專業級筋膜刀,配上來自澳洲Poweroll 鴯鶓油,經用家測試,有效舒緩:





創新的肌筋膜肌肉按摩器 – 幫助縮短恢復時間,緩解肌筋膜疼痛。

這種多用途治療儀類似於刮痧工具,利用微振動和 NMES 微電流沖洗乳酸,解開深層結。

帶 NMES 的 JR NMES Myofascial Massager 微電流肌筋膜刀 採用符合人體工程學的設計和旅行箱,因此您可以輕鬆地將 JR NMES Myofascial Massager 微電流肌筋膜刀 帶到健身房或旅行時。 JR NMES Myofascial Massager 微電流肌筋膜刀 在皮膚上順滑滑動,可與各種按摩油和乳液一起使用。

Innovative Myofascial Muscle Massager – Help reduce recovery times, relieves myofascial pain. This multipurpose therapy devices is similar to a Gua Sha scraping tool that utilizes micro-vibration and NMES micro-current to flush out lactic acid and untie deep knots. Hyperblade Warming Massage Tool with NMES features an ergonomic design and travel case so you can easily take your Hyperblade to the gym or when traveling. The Hyperblade glides smoothly over the skin and be used with a variety of massage oils and lotions.

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全身針對性按摩 – 這款全身按摩器具有 3 級可調功率選項,可讓您針對酸痛的肌肉群、關節和組織,包括頸部、肩部、下背部、大腿、股四頭肌、二頭肌、前臂、手指等,以獲得完整的效果 循環刺激。

符合人體工程學的波狀外形設計 – 這款手持式按摩器具有波狀邊緣、寬槽和窄槽,可幫助您定制按摩體驗並精確定位頸部、腿筋甚至手指等區域。

便攜、適合旅行的尺寸 – 我們的個人按摩器重量輕、緊湊,重量僅為 0.5 磅。 因此您可以帶著它去工作、度假、去健身房,或者在任何需要緩解肌肉酸痛和乳酸堆積的地方。

可充電鋰電池還可以提供 5-7 小時的日常按摩支持。 用於移動電源、車載充電器或筆記本電腦快速充電的 C 型充電器線。

平滑滑動動作 – 除了符合人體工程學的設計,可以更有效地在肌肉和皮膚上滑動,我們的便攜式按摩器還配有一個精油瓶,用於添加按摩水或油,以增強緩解疼痛的效果。

  • Full-Body Targeted Massage – This full body massager with 3 levels of adjustable power options lets you target sore muscle groups, joints, and tissues including the neck, shoulder, lower back, thighs, quads, biceps, forearms, fingers and more for complete circulation stimulation.
  • Ergonomic, Contoured Design – This handheld massager features a contoured edge, broad groove, and narrow groove to help you customize your massage experience and pinpoint areas like the neck, hamstrings, or even fingers with total precision.
  • Portable, Travel-Ready Size – Our personal massager is lightweight, compact and weights just 0.5 lbs. so you can take it with you to work, on vacation, to the gym, or wherever you need to relieve sore muscles and lactic acid buildup. The rechargeable lithium battery also lasts 5-7 hours for daily massaging support. A type-C charger cord for power bank, car charger, or quick laptop recharging.
  • Smooth-Gliding Action – Along with an ergonomic design that glides over the muscles and your skin more effectively our portable massager also comes with an essential oils bottle for adding massage water or oil that enhance your pain relief.



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