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Youth Lone Peak-BLUE/LIME 兒童經典越野鞋Blue


這是 Altra 經典的Lone Peak系列專門為兒童所設計的尺寸 Youth Lone Peak 非常適合在泥濘地、草地、和沙地上奔跑,同時給使用者帶來自然與和舒適的穿著體驗。 與所有 Altra 鞋子一樣,Youth Lone Peak 的 FootShape™ 鞋頭設計適合孩子們腳的自然形狀,可拆卸鞋墊也為成長中的腳提供一點額外空間。 讓您的孩子在穿著Lone Peak雙腳舒適、自然的成長。


  • 重量:4.3 oz /122 克
  • 鞋墊:3 毫米模切可拆卸鞋墊
  • 中底:Detailed EVA
  • 外底: TrailClaw™一體式外底
  • 鞋面:耐用的防撕裂網布,帶有針腳加固
  • 鞋高:低
  • 底高:17mm
  • 其他特點:適合成長的空間


It’s the Altra classic Lone Peak in a junior size. The Youth Lone Peak is perfect for running on dirt, grass, sand and mud while encouraging natural form and comfort. Like all Altra shoes, the Youth Lone Peak’s FootShape™ toe box fits the natural shape of your kids’ foot, while the removable insole is designed to provide a little extra room for growing feet. Let your kids be kids with comfortable feet with the Youth Lone Peak.


  • Weight: 4.3 oz / 122 g
  • Insole: 3mm diecut removable sockliner
  • Midsole: Detailed EVA
  • Outsole: One-Piece outsole with TrailClaw™
  • Upper: Durable rip-stop mesh with stich down reinforcement
  • Cushion: Low
  • Stack Height: 17mm
  • Other Features: Room to Grow fit