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Crown Sport Nutrition Energy Bar 60g- Vegan Strawberry


Oatmeal technical energy bars with pea protein isolate, 100% vegan and without palm oil.

Both bars contain extra sodium to improve hydration
With sweetened flavors to change the typical sweet flavors of the bars


Technical energy bar with protein isolate and no palm oil

  • Based on carbohydrates mainly provided by Oats
  • With a plus of fast assimilation protein; pea protein or whey protein depending on flavor
  • No chocolate coating
  • Without palm oil
  • Juicy texture with incredible flavor and digestibility

Energy Bar is an oatmeal bar of the highest quality with a premium composition that provides the necessary energy to improve performance in your training sessions and competitions. Also to improve it we have added isolated protein isolate. It has a unique juicy texture that will be easy to swallow and will minimize gastrointestinal problems.

It contains an ideal matrix based on Oat Flakes, around 40%, which provides carbohydrates (energy) slowly. But it also contains fast assimilating carbohydrates. This combination is ideal to provide energy progressively, which is essential for athletes, since it has been shown that carbohydrate intake during sports practice improves performance (Cermak, NM et al., SM. 2013; Pochmuller, M. et al., JISSN. 2016). In addition, something that few people know and / or many forget is that the consumption of exogenous carbohydrates, during physical activity, minimizes the immunosuppressive effects produced by intense exercise (Nieman, D.C. et al., EIR. 1998).

But also to enhance the product we have added isolated protein with rapid assimilation that provides all muscle amino acids, including essential ones, which is very interesting at the level of sports performance because it has been shown that the intake of proteins (amino acids) together with the carbohydrates during training decrease muscle damage markers (Valentine, RJ et al., IJSNEM. 2008). Also amino acids can be oxidized by the muscle during physical exercise, thus reducing the use of glycogen as an energy source in favor of fats.

Energy Bar does not contain any type of cover to make it easier to transport and prevent it from melting or spoiling in the heat. As it has no coverage, it has less fat than other oatmeal bars of this type and that, too, makes it more digestible.