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ALTRA -Vanish Carbon 碳板跑鞋 女款


ALTRA亦承接碳纖維板風潮,推出品牌旗下第一款碳纖競速跑鞋Vanish Carbon,突破「零足跟差速度極限,幫助跑者以雙腳親身體驗速度極限。

Vanish Carbon結集品牌技術大成,採用Altra全新研發之中底物料EGO™ PRO,配合33mm     鞋底厚度,無論回彈力、推動力、舒適度及輕盈度均屬品牌最高級別,定位亦是市場碳纖版的最高級別系列。Vanish Carbon中底內置 2/3腳掌長度之碳纖維板,強化EGO™ PRO中底的推進力,前掌部份以三叉設計,有效減輕重量及加強跑鞋靈活度。相比其他ALTRA鞋款,Carbon Vanish 的 「滾動搖桿位 Active Stance Rocker 距離腳跟位至65%,這項技術可大幅提升跑者奔跑時的流暢度及運動效率。

Vanish Carbon是ALTRA產品開發團隊的技術結晶,由產品試作至正式投產,經歷多次版本微調改良,功能經專業運動員親身認證:美國頂尖超馬選手Zach Bitter去年曾穿上Vanish Carbon試作型號參加美國USATF100英里錦標賽,以打破場地紀錄13分鐘的姿態奪下桂冠,足見Vanish Carbon在賽場上之優異表現。

Altra Footwear was launched in 2009, from Utah , America and . The name Altra based on the Latin word “ALTERA”, which means “ to fix or mend something that is broken”

ALTRA has developed many technology over the years, besides core 3, the Maxtrac™ outsole and TrailClaw™ lugs pattern which makes Trail shoes such as Lone Peak 5 has a great grip over different terrain. For the Midsole, the premium EGO™ midsole which creates a lightweight , high responsive and durable midsole. In 2001, the upgrade version of EGO™ –EGO™ Max  and today EGO™ PRO  which bring Altra’s shoes midsole comfort to another high level.

ALTRA, which has always been committed to promoting natural running posture and making comfortable and fully functional running shoes for runners but its also committed to performance.  To follow the trend of carbon fiber running shoes have become popular in major competitions, the brand has  launched the Vanish Carbon, the brand’s first carbon fiber racing running shoes.

On the Vanish Carbon the brand introduces a totally new  midsole material EGO™ PRO. 33mm of a truly magical midsole material focused on resilience, propulsion, comfort and lightness. It is the highest performing midsole material of the brand, and it takes its rightful place in the Vanish Carbon.